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Crystal Love!

Meet my newest obsession, smoky quartz, watermelon tourmaline and Labradorite



Ok, so maybe it isn’t such a “new obsession” as much as it is an eagerness to learn why these little trinkets have a newfound vibration when I hold them close to my heart.


As a yoga teacher, fitness enthusiast and wellness junkie, I consider it an honor and obligation to my students and clients to try all different approaches of bringing energy and physical vibrancy into their peak state. And being in this field of study sometimes I find myself tiptoeing around the use and meaning of crystals. Without knowing where to even begin to study, I have kept those wonderings to a minimum, knowing a few bits and pieces here and there about some stones that may be good for your health.

That was until this past December I had the pleasure of taking a week long intensive with my teacher in Costa Rica (my happy place).

During that session my teacher said to bring up any trinkets you have that are special to you to put at the front of the class so they can soak up the energy and you will notice at the end of the week that they have been “re-charged”.

Ok, yes, I get the whole crystal under the moonlight newsletter too, but re-charged by everyone in the room? Ok this I got to try!

So when I went back to my room I looked through my things and much to my surprise I actually had a rather large stone that I had given to one of my sons with me, a tourmaline necklace, and my good luck trinket that I never leave home without, my labradorite Ganesh.

I placed them at the front of the class and left them there all week knowing that yes, they would be made very special to me just because of the time, place and circumstances but I had no idea of what they would make me feel.


I can honestly say, that after returning home, I have kept all these stones in the same pouch I collected them in after the sessions. When I place the pouch on my chest, I have an immediate sense of clarity; grounding and an almost nourishing sensation flood the area of my chest where the stones are touching.

Okay now its time for the weird part- smoky quartz, the stone I just so happened to have after “borrowing” it from one of my kids and then somehow ended up packing it to take on the trip, has been used to treat kidneys! And if you have read any of my blog posts, you know, kidneys are my jam! I am IN constant state of seeking all possible things to help my kidneys. Quartz in general also aids in “clearing” so they assist in detoxification, another area my body naturally struggles with.

So needless to say- I am now not only a firm believer in crystals energies that affect us on a vibrational (cellular) level. So much so that the stones I need to help me with my particular physical ailments literally have just shown up in my life.

I am now actively seeking out education and pure stones, like this new little piece I got from Tiny Devotions (see triangle pic).

Its pure Quartz and Pure love!

As I learn more about the stones, I invite you to explore some of your own. I liked using this website for research on the uses;

And as I play more with them I will share as I go!











This Shit Works!!!

So it’s truly crazy how much I have shrank in 4 weeks!! I didn’t have any idea how much weight and inches I was going to lose so I never took a before picture, but the picture on the left was taken at my last fitting at Athleta on August 4th. The second pic is this past Saturday September 2nd. Zero Exercise people- (by the way that’s not by choice. Doctors orders I can’t work out till September 25.)
Amazing!! And I’m feeling amazing as well!
Never ever have I seen anything that works like this! A little background:

I am a certified personal trainer for 16 years, I have taken TONS of nutrition courses, ayurveda classes, read a ton of books,  tried EVERY diet!  Even went and entire year in 2013-14 without gluten, fruit, alcohol, everything you can think of to try and repair my body.  I felt great, but lost maybe 1 pound…maybe!

After sharing my story about my kidneys in July (see blog post below) I started receiving message after message from friends who have seen amazing results fixing their hormones, clearing up brain fog, and losing any extra inches they didn’t need with a diet called ketosis.  I had NO IDEA how well it would work , but I finally gave in and tried it.

And then…..I became a raving bitch.  Like bad.  Yelling at my family, arguing with PTO members, so I almost gave up completely on the diet, until my friend recommended a product to me.

I started on it August 21st.  I lost 13 pounds and 4 sizes in 4 weeks.  No lie.

After attending the last fitting I had at Athleta, and finding out I was 4 sizes smaller I decided it was my mission in life to SHARE my success with EVERYONE I could!

I mean, ya, I wasn’t obese by the general populations standards, but on the charts, I was teetering on disaster.

Since taking this product, my mood is AMAZING- I am pretty much happy ALL THE TIME.  I have energy to complete tasks, my brain stays focused and on point,  and I am cleared to return to working out on September 25th and with this new drink in my back pocket, I cannot wait to see how much strength I can gain at my favorite gym Crossfit VanZandt.

If you are looking to literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE then email me today and lets get you started.  Because I have spent literally thousands of dollars and countless hours reading and trying every fad diet, so I know if this works for me, it will work for you!!  But I don’t wanna just send you to a page to purchase, I want to help you and meet you where you are!

Email me at


before & after

Why You Never see me in Shorts

I’ve always been a “give no fu$*’s” kind of a girl. I blame my grandma, God bless her soul for my mouth, but my “hard” attitude was `100% my own creation. (key word “was)

I don’t edit photos unless it enhances the color. I could honestly care less what someone thinks about my appearance, parenting, lifestyle or anything else…except for my legs. I know. Its pretty crazy I am so strong, but have this one thing that really bugs me, but you gotta know the back-story.


Right now, I am carrying 20 pounds of fluid. 20 mother effing pounds.

In my legs and ass mostly. Not fat. Fluid.

And the bumps you see on my arms and legs. Toxicity.

My kidneys are trashed. I was most likely born with weak kidneys, but my lifestyle, having birthed 4 children, and the stress I unknowingly have placed on those little bean shaped organs in my back has led me to a place where now, as a 40 year old woman, I am having to revamp and re-work my whole families diet and my own loves, like hardcore WODS at crossfit and hot yoga are no longer in the cards unless we can reverse this.

So how, you might ask, how did this happen to a seemingly healthy young woman? I don’t know what turned the gene mutation I have on, but that MTHFR is the reason…pun intended.

MTHFR is a gene in the body. It’s responsible for, among other things, how your body absorbs nutrients like vitamin B’s and some amino acids, and also the pathways to detox in your body. The scary part? 40% of the population carries some form of this mutation, and depending on various things in your childhood, like exposure to heavy metals and toxins (aka vaccines), can turn the gene on. Some of us can go our whole life with the mutation never activating or causing issue, but because I never knew I had it, I just carried on like a normal teenager. I did drugs, I drank, smoked cigarettes, ate burger king and pop tarts and pizza. I did hot yoga for YEARS and have been beating the shit out of my body for the past 16 years at various gyms.

If you’re not aware, when you work out or exert yourself, you release toxins. For people whose body detoxes, this is a great thing. For people whose bodies don’t, it’s a really bad thing. The toxins build up in your body causing all kinds of problems. For me, I didn’t realize that my kidneys had stopped functioning as a releaser of water and liquid in my body, so I just kept working out, running, etc. all the while packing on pound after pound of fluid.

MTHFR has been linked to addictions, depression, diabetes, heart disease etc. so it is important for you to know if you have the mutation of the gene, and also if you have turned it on so you can change your lifestyle STAT.

So why come out now? I have known I had the mutation for 2 years. I went on with life. I have always been a clean eater since taking on personal training as a profession 16 years ago. I didn’t know the excess exercise was doing as much damage as it was until recently. I began to develop the red bumps you see, which has been present on and off for 9 years, but this time with a furious vengeance. Like worse than I have ever had it. Right now, my right forearm is in extreme pain from the amount of swelling and is a nice purple color. The bumps are actual toxins, under my skin. The surface of my skin is smooth. The toxins cannot leave my body, so they are literally trying to fight their way out. It’s itchy, and hot.

So now, after years of medical doctors, only 1 of which who has helped me, I am ditching the western way and moving into eastern sciences. I just cannot afford to continue to dump dollar after dollar into every kind of PHD, MD, DO DC, or whatever acronym you can think of, IVE TRIED IT!
I am moving 90% into eastern with my treatment protocol, which is including magic Chinese acupuncturists, herbs and some Ayurveda.

The 10% will be continuing to find the balance of how to stay active, which is a part of who I am, while still remaining true to the path of healing which is requiring me to rest for my very survival.

I appreciate all the prayers and support from my peeps. I welcome your love and suggestions.

I am coming out about my struggle finally after all this time because what I thought could be controlled with clean diet and exercise has actually hurt me more without knowing it, and I don’t want anyone to suffer this way.

As I learn more I will share. As I heal, you will see the results. And we will have a little fun along the way experimenting with what works and what doesn’t.

It may get worse before it gets better, but don’t the best things in life come after we have worked hard and applied our heart to achieve them?


With Love,


The Art of Surrender

As a yoga teacher, I am compelled to always try and put on a smile, help people with their issues, physical or otherwise, and be an all around empowering individual.  And while I know my students all know I am human, I am not sure if they get JUST how human myself and other yogis are.

In your classes, I am sure you have been guided to the art of surrender by your teacher, and may be familiar with Sthira and Sukha, translated as steadiness and ease.  In the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali the Sutra 2.46 says: sthira-sukham asanam. The most common translation is: “asana should be stable (sthira) and comfortable (sukha),” but is more literally translated as “resolutely abide in a good space.”  I use this to help my students understand that even though effort is required to get us into the asanas, (physical postures) once we arrange ourselves into the desired shape, we must take the time to also find the ease and surrender.

How we are on our mat is how we are in life.  If we are fidgety, anxious, unable to concentrate, chances are, our life reflects this.  If we are rigid, forcing and constantly challenging our body to go further and further, there is not very much room for surrender. Or if we quit all- together on our practice, guess what?  We’ve also quit on ourselves in some aspect of our life or goals.

In my own life & practice, I have noticed the 3 F’s sneaking in instead of Trust and Surrender.  I’ve found I am constantly applying Force to situations, and living  in Fear of what may happen if I Fail. I have not allowed myself to see the ease and grace available to me upon surrender.   My body continues to teach me this  in ways of my health and home-life balance.    When I push myself beyond what I am mentally capable of handling in one day, shut-down occurs on a huge scale.   I live in Fear of what will happen if I do not keep up, and ultimately the fear of Failure comes into fruition because guess what?  My entire end game has been focused on it!  Instead of trusting, applying the principles of the steadiness and ease and surrendering to the universe, I have instead focused on Failure, because the fear that has lead the charge has set up my cells to vibrate in this way.  I get sick, tired, apathetic and unable to move towards my goals.  The feeling of “stuck-ness”  is all I can feel.  Are you seeing yourself in any of these?

The good news is that we, as yogis, as seekers of light and truth in all things, can become aware of these self-defeating patterns when they set in and correct our path.  My best correction? Meditation and asana.  Mostly meditation, but asana is a huge piece of helping my physical body remember what it feels like to feel good.  And keeping in mind that there is a divine plan and place for you, your flaws, your gifts, all of it, is helpful to allow surrender to take hold in your life. So next time you find yourself on your mat, find the ease and surrender, so that you may transfer that to your life.  In summary; Focus on the good shit.  Let the rest go.



I Believe I Can FLY!


Ok so its time for a R E A L soul bearing post because this ain’t easy so I am just going to come out and say it.

Well, first, let me just express my excitement that I am embarking on a journey….a 21-day one.

But  the painful part to tell is the honest truth of my unhappiness with my current health state. You see, I am super out of shape.  10 months ago I moved 1.5 hours away from my peeps, my business, my organic grocery stores, all so I could learn to relax, heal and be fully present in my families life.  And while yes, this has happened, I am still averaging about 24 hours a week in my car.  Let that soak in a minute.   A whole day, every single week, in your car… no wonder my body is pissed at me!

So I have gained a bunch of weight (a bunch) , which is yes, annoying, but not the main motivating factor.  The main motivation for this new program is that I am so out of shape I am even out of breath in my dreams.  My poor cardiovascular health makes it hard for me to breathe to do even the shortest tasks. The other day while moving a couch my son asked me if I was OK because I was so out of breath.  Talk about a wake up call!

So I have reached out to a friend in the health industry and she has pointed me in the direction of a program on  I was already drinking their shakes and loving their online videos, but I needed someone to help coach me through how to get back to health.  Her recommendation is a program called the 21 Day Fix Extreme.  I start it today and I couldn’t be more excited.

I am sharing this with you because I need your help, and I also am hoping to inspire you with my struggles and triumphs along the way.  I know I am not the only one who desires to live longer, healthier, and happier, and if I can do it, so can you!

So over the next 21 days I will post my food, workout regime as well as things I use to help me, like meditations I will record and share with you, but its about to GET REAL on my site and Facebook and I wanted you to know whats up since I am a yoga teacher……. but I still LOVE fitness.  I always have been a gym rat, there just isn’t a gym on every corner out here I can drop in 24 hours a day and get a workout in like I could in the city.

Will I still do yoga over the next 21 days?  Of course! I do yoga EVERY DAY- but  not the way most people think about yoga.   Most people think yoga is only asana (poses).   But true yoga is more about how you live and treat  yourself and others,  than about poses only.  Yoga is the ONLY way that I have been able to propel myself in my professional and personal life.  The lessons I have learned on the mat have MADE me strong enough to reach out to someone I trust to ask for help.   You and my community of yogis that I trust have inspired me to share my story so that it can inspire and help others.  That is the CORE essence of the practice.

For the next 21 days, along with the menu plan and workouts provided,  my  focus will be on getting my diet clean, meditating, and working on pranayama (breathing techniques) to get me through the hard parts, like the times I will struggle to stay committed.

I hope you will join me along the way for this journey even though it won’t be based in asana because you can truly strengthen your physical practice with weights and diet. And the effects of 21 days of meditation and breathwork can be a super powerful bonus to anyones life!

Thank you for your support and if you want to join me, reach out!  I would love to have a buddy to FLY with!!!



Soul Sesh

For years every Sunday morning I taught yoga.  It was my favorite class of the week.  Seriously FAVORITE~ And it had everything to do with the mindset we have on Sunday.  Whether you work full time or not, our culture has designated Sundays as a day of reverence for our spiritual practices, and also a day to connect with family and  self care.
So lets connect with our souls today by shifting our perspective on relationships and how we contribute.
After a very trying last 3 weeks, I am refreshed from spending time with my Guru-Ma. Even though it was a workshop, and we didn’t have actual 1 on 1 time, she is so inspiring that she enlightens my soul and helps me remember what is important.   The actual content of the workshop was yoga philosophy, but what you take from these trainings is what is applicable to your life today.  So here is what I took.
Don’t waste your life worrying about what doest matter.
I know- epiphany right?!?! But the subtlety of what doesn’t matter can be tricky.  Like relationships for example.  Some relationships in our life fill an unhealthy need or habit we have created.  Like if you love to gossip, you love that friend who is so hilarious when gossiping. Some of us have an addiction to drama, so we continue to circle back with the friends who help feed that part of our ego.
In this day and age, as we are becoming more busy, its easy to just kind of take what we can get on a friendship level because you know, who has time to truly get to now someone beyond their social masks?  That takes more than a quick Starbucks trip!  But with so much pain, heartache and also awakening in the world, IT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED!
So today and for this week,  begin to examine your relationships.  Begin to notice what it is about your current relationships that are exciting or nourishing for your spirit, or if they are toxic and depleting for you.  Begin to take note of this and start to make healthy shifts in your own consciousness that support your soul.  What does that mean? It means that all of your circumstances, all of your interactions are coming from WITHIN you.  Let that sink in a minute.

Those you choose to love, spend time with, or have around you are a direct reflection of your inner being. So if you have a particular situation that is causing you to be depleted and not nourished, it’s time to take a step back and notice what is missing from within your self and be willing to take responsibility if you are somehow creating there drama.  If the relationship needs to continue it will, or if it needs to be something you need to let go of, the shift will happen organically from your continuous moment to moment attention to your own inner state…..and you’ll be more healthy and whole for it.  Remember, the fastest way to ruin any relationship is to try and change the other person.
If you can approach situations and relationships from a place of love and inquiry into yourself and your own heart, the energy and vibration of your soul is going to be much more relaxed and happy, thus abundantly attracting happy & relaxed back to you.
Try it and see.
And of course- IF you have ANY questions or need help.  I am HERE for you! Just reach out!

Strategies for Strength and Peace

Holiday Peace! Yes its possible!

Below are strategies for you to succeed at making it all happen with grace and also keeping yourself sane as the holidays approach.

  • Move Your Body!  One of my motto’s I am always preaching to my students is “change little change big!”  Basically this means that small changes create a ripple effect and change the vibration that you are actually putting out.  When your vibration is at a higher frequency, you attract a higher frequency.  Example- you change your schedule to include a vigorous yoga practice each day, you feel better, you make better eating choices, that is a ripple effect created by your commitment to yourself.   You actually change your cells by paying attention and giving yourself a little TLC.  Exercise IS TLC!  Need a little yoga motivation?  Email me and lets get you on a program!
  • Create space for quiet time in nature.  Seriously..Nature is FREE and you do not need any special equipment to enjoy it.  Take a walk, sit quietly and enjoy.  If the weather does not allow for this, then find somewhere indoors where you can enjoy the scene while staying warm.  Just the colors and the sounds are healing.  Try it for 10 days- 5 minutes (or more!) a day.  Report your results and I will send you a free essential oil blend.
  • Eat your veggies!  Okay- back to the vibration stuff.  You have to think, if the sun produced the veggies then they are full of the suns energy!  How can we not be buzzing on all cylinders when we are consuming the energy of the most powerful star?  When you eat low energy foods or foods that had a horrible life (like inhumane farm raised animals) then you are consuming their vibration.  Do I really need to say more?  I am not saying be a vegan, I am not and actually cannot be due to my genes, but I do only cook responsibly raised protein. Also, foods that are full of chemicals are not going to raise your vibe, so ditch them daily and save the goodies for special occasions.
  • Meditate Meditate Meditate.  I cannot tell you how this ancient practice will change your life, you have to experience it.  I have been working on a meditation program and it is beginning December 1st.  If you would like to join me for free, sign up by sending an email to
  • Learn about Essential Oils and their power to help emotions.  I incorporate them into everything I do…seriously everything!  doTERRA products are the only ones I use for many reasons, but the biggest reason is that I have used them to heal my kids of ailments and have witnessed their power to keep me focused, on track and stress free.  doTERRA also has a TON of FREE info on their site about mixing, blending and creating your own potions. Learn more HERE.

Costa Rica Bound January 2017

Nature is the healing force that allows us to reconnect with our spirit. Chanting, yoga, prayer, study, these are all daily practices that keep us grounded, but nature…raw, untouched beauty is the captivator of our soul that acts as an anchor to reconnect our past, which is our intelligence. Your past informs your decisions for your future, which is reset or “re-booted” when we take time to step away from the normal, and submerge ourselves in health, wellness and healing.  For at least a week after I returned from a yoga retreat in Tulum last spring, I heard the sound of the ocean clearly in my mind every day.  I took time each day to close my eyes, sit still, breath and remember the beauty of the ocean that surrounded me the entire vacation.  The water, the colors, the wind, the power, all of it is symbolic to our journey that we take when we go on retreats like this.

The yoga practice only serves as a vehicle to open you to a sweetness inside of you that flows like honey when we tap into that grace with thoughtful sequencing, deep breath, and a laser focus attention to every detail as we move. Luckily, the classes will be designed to elicit this; you won’t need to worry about that part.

Your job is to just show up and let go.

To sign up and see all the juicy detail- please visit yoga-retreat- costa-rica- 2017