Holiday Peace! Yes its possible!

Below are strategies for you to succeed at making it all happen with grace and also keeping yourself sane as the holidays approach.

  • Move Your Body!  One of my motto’s I am always preaching to my students is “change little change big!”  Basically this means that small changes create a ripple effect and change the vibration that you are actually putting out.  When your vibration is at a higher frequency, you attract a higher frequency.  Example- you change your schedule to include a vigorous yoga practice each day, you feel better, you make better eating choices, that is a ripple effect created by your commitment to yourself.   You actually change your cells by paying attention and giving yourself a little TLC.  Exercise IS TLC!  Need a little yoga motivation?  Email me and lets get you on a program!
  • Create space for quiet time in nature.  Seriously..Nature is FREE and you do not need any special equipment to enjoy it.  Take a walk, sit quietly and enjoy.  If the weather does not allow for this, then find somewhere indoors where you can enjoy the scene while staying warm.  Just the colors and the sounds are healing.  Try it for 10 days- 5 minutes (or more!) a day.  Report your results and I will send you a free essential oil blend.
  • Eat your veggies!  Okay- back to the vibration stuff.  You have to think, if the sun produced the veggies then they are full of the suns energy!  How can we not be buzzing on all cylinders when we are consuming the energy of the most powerful star?  When you eat low energy foods or foods that had a horrible life (like inhumane farm raised animals) then you are consuming their vibration.  Do I really need to say more?  I am not saying be a vegan, I am not and actually cannot be due to my genes, but I do only cook responsibly raised protein. Also, foods that are full of chemicals are not going to raise your vibe, so ditch them daily and save the goodies for special occasions.
  • Meditate Meditate Meditate.  I cannot tell you how this ancient practice will change your life, you have to experience it.  I have been working on a meditation program and it is beginning December 1st.  If you would like to join me for free, sign up by sending an email to
  • Learn about Essential Oils and their power to help emotions.  I incorporate them into everything I do…seriously everything!  doTERRA products are the only ones I use for many reasons, but the biggest reason is that I have used them to heal my kids of ailments and have witnessed their power to keep me focused, on track and stress free.  doTERRA also has a TON of FREE info on their site about mixing, blending and creating your own potions. Learn more HERE.