Ok so its time for a R E A L soul bearing post because this ain’t easy so I am just going to come out and say it.

Well, first, let me just express my excitement that I am embarking on a journey….a 21-day one.

But  the painful part to tell is the honest truth of my unhappiness with my current health state. You see, I am super out of shape.  10 months ago I moved 1.5 hours away from my peeps, my business, my organic grocery stores, all so I could learn to relax, heal and be fully present in my families life.  And while yes, this has happened, I am still averaging about 24 hours a week in my car.  Let that soak in a minute.   A whole day, every single week, in your car… no wonder my body is pissed at me!

So I have gained a bunch of weight (a bunch) , which is yes, annoying, but not the main motivating factor.  The main motivation for this new program is that I am so out of shape I am even out of breath in my dreams.  My poor cardiovascular health makes it hard for me to breathe to do even the shortest tasks. The other day while moving a couch my son asked me if I was OK because I was so out of breath.  Talk about a wake up call!

So I have reached out to a friend in the health industry and she has pointed me in the direction of a program on Beachbody.com.  I was already drinking their shakes and loving their online videos, but I needed someone to help coach me through how to get back to health.  Her recommendation is a program called the 21 Day Fix Extreme.  I start it today and I couldn’t be more excited.

I am sharing this with you because I need your help, and I also am hoping to inspire you with my struggles and triumphs along the way.  I know I am not the only one who desires to live longer, healthier, and happier, and if I can do it, so can you!

So over the next 21 days I will post my food, workout regime as well as things I use to help me, like meditations I will record and share with you, but its about to GET REAL on my site and Facebook and I wanted you to know whats up since I am a yoga teacher……. but I still LOVE fitness.  I always have been a gym rat, there just isn’t a gym on every corner out here I can drop in 24 hours a day and get a workout in like I could in the city.

Will I still do yoga over the next 21 days?  Of course! I do yoga EVERY DAY- but  not the way most people think about yoga.   Most people think yoga is only asana (poses).   But true yoga is more about how you live and treat  yourself and others,  than about poses only.  Yoga is the ONLY way that I have been able to propel myself in my professional and personal life.  The lessons I have learned on the mat have MADE me strong enough to reach out to someone I trust to ask for help.   You and my community of yogis that I trust have inspired me to share my story so that it can inspire and help others.  That is the CORE essence of the practice.

For the next 21 days, along with the menu plan and workouts provided,  my  focus will be on getting my diet clean, meditating, and working on pranayama (breathing techniques) to get me through the hard parts, like the times I will struggle to stay committed.

I hope you will join me along the way for this journey even though it won’t be based in asana because you can truly strengthen your physical practice with weights and diet. And the effects of 21 days of meditation and breathwork can be a super powerful bonus to anyones life!

Thank you for your support and if you want to join me, reach out!  I would love to have a buddy to FLY with!!!