I’ve always been a “give no fu$*’s” kind of a girl. I blame my grandma, God bless her soul for my mouth, but my “hard” attitude was `100% my own creation. (key word “was)

I don’t edit photos unless it enhances the color. I could honestly care less what someone thinks about my appearance, parenting, lifestyle or anything else…except for my legs. I know. Its pretty crazy I am so strong, but have this one thing that really bugs me, but you gotta know the back-story.


Right now, I am carrying 20 pounds of fluid. 20 mother effing pounds.

In my legs and ass mostly. Not fat. Fluid.

And the bumps you see on my arms and legs. Toxicity.

My kidneys are trashed. I was most likely born with weak kidneys, but my lifestyle, having birthed 4 children, and the stress I unknowingly have placed on those little bean shaped organs in my back has led me to a place where now, as a 40 year old woman, I am having to revamp and re-work my whole families diet and my own loves, like hardcore WODS at crossfit and hot yoga are no longer in the cards unless we can reverse this.

So how, you might ask, how did this happen to a seemingly healthy young woman? I don’t know what turned the gene mutation I have on, but that MTHFR is the reason…pun intended.

MTHFR is a gene in the body. It’s responsible for, among other things, how your body absorbs nutrients like vitamin B’s and some amino acids, and also the pathways to detox in your body. The scary part? 40% of the population carries some form of this mutation, and depending on various things in your childhood, like exposure to heavy metals and toxins (aka vaccines), can turn the gene on. Some of us can go our whole life with the mutation never activating or causing issue, but because I never knew I had it, I just carried on like a normal teenager. I did drugs, I drank, smoked cigarettes, ate burger king and pop tarts and pizza. I did hot yoga for YEARS and have been beating the shit out of my body for the past 16 years at various gyms.

If you’re not aware, when you work out or exert yourself, you release toxins. For people whose body detoxes, this is a great thing. For people whose bodies don’t, it’s a really bad thing. The toxins build up in your body causing all kinds of problems. For me, I didn’t realize that my kidneys had stopped functioning as a releaser of water and liquid in my body, so I just kept working out, running, etc. all the while packing on pound after pound of fluid.

MTHFR has been linked to addictions, depression, diabetes, heart disease etc. so it is important for you to know if you have the mutation of the gene, and also if you have turned it on so you can change your lifestyle STAT.

So why come out now? I have known I had the mutation for 2 years. I went on with life. I have always been a clean eater since taking on personal training as a profession 16 years ago. I didn’t know the excess exercise was doing as much damage as it was until recently. I began to develop the red bumps you see, which has been present on and off for 9 years, but this time with a furious vengeance. Like worse than I have ever had it. Right now, my right forearm is in extreme pain from the amount of swelling and is a nice purple color. The bumps are actual toxins, under my skin. The surface of my skin is smooth. The toxins cannot leave my body, so they are literally trying to fight their way out. It’s itchy, and hot.

So now, after years of medical doctors, only 1 of which who has helped me, I am ditching the western way and moving into eastern sciences. I just cannot afford to continue to dump dollar after dollar into every kind of PHD, MD, DO DC, or whatever acronym you can think of, IVE TRIED IT!
I am moving 90% into eastern with my treatment protocol, which is including magic Chinese acupuncturists, herbs and some Ayurveda.

The 10% will be continuing to find the balance of how to stay active, which is a part of who I am, while still remaining true to the path of healing which is requiring me to rest for my very survival.

I appreciate all the prayers and support from my peeps. I welcome your love and suggestions.

I am coming out about my struggle finally after all this time because what I thought could be controlled with clean diet and exercise has actually hurt me more without knowing it, and I don’t want anyone to suffer this way.

As I learn more I will share. As I heal, you will see the results. And we will have a little fun along the way experimenting with what works and what doesn’t.

It may get worse before it gets better, but don’t the best things in life come after we have worked hard and applied our heart to achieve them?


With Love,