So it’s truly crazy how much I have shrank in 4 weeks!! I didn’t have any idea how much weight and inches I was going to lose so I never took a before picture, but the picture on the left was taken at my last fitting at Athleta on August 4th. The second pic is this past Saturday September 2nd. Zero Exercise people- (by the way that’s not by choice. Doctors orders I can’t work out till September 25.)
Amazing!! And I’m feeling amazing as well!
Never ever have I seen anything that works like this! A little background:

I am a certified personal trainer for 16 years, I have taken TONS of nutrition courses, ayurveda classes, read a ton of books,  tried EVERY diet!  Even went and entire year in 2013-14 without gluten, fruit, alcohol, everything you can think of to try and repair my body.  I felt great, but lost maybe 1 pound…maybe!

After sharing my story about my kidneys in July (see blog post below) I started receiving message after message from friends who have seen amazing results fixing their hormones, clearing up brain fog, and losing any extra inches they didn’t need with a diet called ketosis.  I had NO IDEA how well it would work , but I finally gave in and tried it.

And then…..I became a raving bitch.  Like bad.  Yelling at my family, arguing with PTO members, so I almost gave up completely on the diet, until my friend recommended a product to me.

I started on it August 21st.  I lost 13 pounds and 4 sizes in 4 weeks.  No lie.

After attending the last fitting I had at Athleta, and finding out I was 4 sizes smaller I decided it was my mission in life to SHARE my success with EVERYONE I could!

I mean, ya, I wasn’t obese by the general populations standards, but on the charts, I was teetering on disaster.

Since taking this product, my mood is AMAZING- I am pretty much happy ALL THE TIME.  I have energy to complete tasks, my brain stays focused and on point,  and I am cleared to return to working out on September 25th and with this new drink in my back pocket, I cannot wait to see how much strength I can gain at my favorite gym Crossfit VanZandt.

If you are looking to literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE then email me today and lets get you started.  Because I have spent literally thousands of dollars and countless hours reading and trying every fad diet, so I know if this works for me, it will work for you!!  But I don’t wanna just send you to a page to purchase, I want to help you and meet you where you are!

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